The compressed air rocket mountain bike

This page and bike are still under construction ,I am still working on the valve assembly on the bike ,this was supposed to be
 opened by a brake lever but I have found that whatever I do with cables and pulleys there is not enough power to open it. To
  day I have been out getting some pneumatic valves and cylinders and will be putting things together over the next few weeks.

Here is the new set-up

How it works...!

A...The compressed air is held in this tank @ 1500-3000 psi
B...Is the throttle valve, this is used in hydraulics and is rated to 5000 psi
"NEVER use a normal ball valve that is used on low pressure air lines"
C...Is the pneumatic cylinder that opens the ball valve
D...Holds the air to operate the pneumatic cylinder (100-psi)

E...Is the start button
F...Are the tubes that take the air to the cylinder

When you press the button (E) on the handlebars it allows air to flow from the low-pressure air tank (D) to the pneumatic
cylinder (C) this then opens the ball valve (B). This allows the high pressure in the tank (A) to escape pushing the bike forward.
When you remove your finger from the button (E), the air is feed to the other end of the pneumatic cylinder closing the valve.
This operation takes about .25 of a second.

This is a picture of the bike on a test run.
The bike was loaded with 1500 psi. I found that the air was escaping from the tank too fast
and was taking the bike from under the rider.

It was now time to make a smaller exit hole and a nozzle to add some thrust.

I never did any more work on this bike.